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Why You Should Use a Vehicle Transportation Broker

There are lots of transportation companies that will move your vehicle from one part of the country to another.  These are specialized companies that move large freight like cars rather than smaller packages like any other courier company.  Not all companies are created equal and they offer different levels of services along with various degrees of customer satisfaction.

Using a Broker

You may not always appreciate a transport broker and you may find some of the prices simply outrageous but auto brokers are a necessary evil in the world of vehicle transportation.  The fact is that a broker can save you money and make sure that your car gets to where you need it to go and that it arrives in the same condition it left it.

What a Broker Does

A vehicle broker serves as the middleman between you, the shipper of the car and the actual company that will actually transport the vehicle.  You may be wondering why you can’t deal directly with the shipper yourself and we will get into that.  The broker has a directory of the many companies that ship vehicles and are in a better position to find one that fits your shipping needs and budget.  You can shop around for a vehicle transportation company but you just don’t have the connections that a broker does.

Many of the vehicle transportation companies won’t even talk with you about transporting your vehicle they deal only with brokers.  Most don’t even advertise their services.  They have very specific shipping routes and services and your needs may not even match up to what they offer.  Furthermore carriers deal with a number of brokers so that when they do transport vehicles they have a full load.

Getting Better Rates

Believe it or not you are likely to get better rates from a broker than the carrier.  That may seem counterintuitive but it holds true.  Brokers get prices from carriers for multiple vehicles whereas the carrier would give you a price for just one vehicle.  They can get you a deal on the shipping rate, one thing you need to be cautious of is the insurance.  Check the insurance coverage the broker offers and if it isn’t enough then supplement it with your own.  Anything can happen when your vehicle is in transit so make sure it is protected.

You may not like the idea of using a broker but it is the cheaper and most effective way to get your vehicle to where it needs to be.

Finding the Right Shipping Company to Transport Your Vehicle

The time has come to ship your car and you are faced with the task of finding the right shipping company to transport your vehicle.  There is no shortage of companies out there and for the most part they all provide the same type of service, getting your car from one place to another.  There will be differences in some of the services and of course the price will be different.  You also need to know if the company is a broker or if they are a carrier.

Carrier or Broker

When it comes to transporting a vehicle there is a big difference between a broker or a carrier.  The carrier is just as it sounds they actually carry or transport your vehicle from one place to another. The have their own fleet of trucks to move vehicles, they are responsible for all business expenses and being adequately insured for the vehicles they are carrying.  All carriers must be registered with the US Department of Transportation.  If a company claims to be a carrier then make sure you verify they have the insurance and are registered.

What Does a Broker Do

A transportation broker is much like any other broker, they act a middleman connecting customers with the right carriers to get the job done.  Once you give them the details of the vehicle being moved, where it is located and where it is going along with any special transportation needs.  From there the broker should be able to connect you with the right carrier that can get the job done.

Which is Better?

They both have their advantages, if you are dealing with a carrier then you are working directly with the company that will transport your vehicle and can make any special requests and get the details down.  As for dealing with a broker there are also reasons that you would want to go that route too.  Brokers have connections throughout the vehicle transportation industry and they know which companies are more reliable to work with.  They can find the least expensive solution for you.

Price will go a long way in determining the service that you receive and what type of transportation you use.  Bear in mind that it is standard practice to put down a deposit on the services with the balance being due when your vehicle is delivered.  Before you hire either a carrier or a broke to move your vehicle make sure that you check references and look at the reviews to help vet your choice.

Some Tips on Preparing Your Car to Be Shipped

When it comes time to move either across the country or overseas moving your vehicle becomes a bit of a problem.  You need to find yourself a good quality auto moving company and then arrange to have your car shipped. Once you have all of the arrangements in place then it is time to get your car ready to be shipped.  Here are some tips on preparing your car to be shipped.

Get Your Duck in a Row

Before you hand your vehicle over to the company there is some work to be done.  You need to make sure that all of the paperwork on your car is up to date.  If anything is expiring like your registration or plates then get them renewed ahead of time.  Any problems with the paperwork can give the transportation company reason not to ship your car.  At the same time talk to your insurance company and make sure that you are covered while your vehicle is being transported in case something goes wrong.  The transportation company should also be insured.  Here is a guide to exactly what you are going to need.

Take Some Pictures

Before you let anyone pick up your vehicle take a number of pictures from every possible angle.  That way you have documented exactly what your car looked like before it was shipped.  If you get your vehicle damaged at the other end then you have documentation that it was damaged during transit.  You are also going to want to make sure that the gas tank is empty, a full tank full of flammable liquids can be dangerous.

Take Out All of Your Stuff

In addition to the gas tank you want to make sure that everything else is removed from your car before you ship it.  That means any personal belongings or paperwork needs to come out.  You may also want to consider removing any expensive car stereos if possible along with any expensive seat covers you might have.  You don’t need anything damaged during transportation.  If possible have the car shipped using an enclosed method, it is the best way to keep your car in pristine condition while it is in transport.

Options for Transporting Your Vehicle

You have just been transferred from one part of the country to another and not only do you have to get all of your belongings there but you have to get your car there as well and the last thing you have time for is a 3,000 mile road trip.  Your next option is to have your car transported, but transporting a car isn’t as easy as you think.  It takes time and there are some pretty big costs involved, not to mention you have different options when it comes to having your car transported.  Let’s look at your options for transporting your vehicle.

Open Transportation

This type of transport is one that you are probably familiar with, it is your car loaded on the back of a transport and then it is moved from one place to another.  You have probably passed one of these trucks on the highway yourself. It is the lowest cost and up to 10 cars can be transported at one time.  However your car is exposed to the elements, most of the time that is perfectly fine.  If you have a classic car then you may want to choose a different option.

Closed Transportation

It is exactly as the name implies, your vehicle will be enclosed in a carrier and protected from the weather and the elements.  If you choose this type of transportation then it is going to cost you significantly more than open transportation.  This is typically used for luxury or classic cars.

Door to Door Transportation

When you opt for this type of transportation the moving company will pick your vehicle up at your home and then deliver it right to your door at the other end.  Depending on what you arrange it may be driven there by a private person or they just bring to their transportation center and it is hauled across country in either open or closed transportation methods.  Most people will choose this type of service when arranging to have their vehicles transported.

Terminal to Terminal Transportation

This is largely used when shipping cars overseas where you bring your car to one shipping terminal and then you pick it up at a terminal at the other end.  If you are shipping overseas then your car will go into a container and cross the ocean on a ship.

There are plenty of ways to get your car from your old home to your new home in pristine condition.  The method you choose will depend on your car and the amount of money you are prepared to spend.

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