Options for Transporting Your Vehicle

You have just been transferred from one part of the country to another and not only do you have to get all of your belongings there but you have to get your car there as well and the last thing you have time for is a 3,000 mile road trip.  Your next option is to have your car transported, but transporting a car isn’t as easy as you think.  It takes time and there are some pretty big costs involved, not to mention you have different options when it comes to having your car transported.  Let’s look at your options for transporting your vehicle.

Open Transportation

This type of transport is one that you are probably familiar with, it is your car loaded on the back of a transport and then it is moved from one place to another.  You have probably passed one of these trucks on the highway yourself. It is the lowest cost and up to 10 cars can be transported at one time.  However your car is exposed to the elements, most of the time that is perfectly fine.  If you have a classic car then you may want to choose a different option.

Closed Transportation

It is exactly as the name implies, your vehicle will be enclosed in a carrier and protected from the weather and the elements.  If you choose this type of transportation then it is going to cost you significantly more than open transportation.  This is typically used for luxury or classic cars.

Door to Door Transportation

When you opt for this type of transportation the moving company will pick your vehicle up at your home and then deliver it right to your door at the other end.  Depending on what you arrange it may be driven there by a private person or they just bring to their transportation center and it is hauled across country in either open or closed transportation methods.  Most people will choose this type of service when arranging to have their vehicles transported.

Terminal to Terminal Transportation

This is largely used when shipping cars overseas where you bring your car to one shipping terminal and then you pick it up at a terminal at the other end.  If you are shipping overseas then your car will go into a container and cross the ocean on a ship.

There are plenty of ways to get your car from your old home to your new home in pristine condition.  The method you choose will depend on your car and the amount of money you are prepared to spend.