Why You Should Use a Vehicle Transportation Broker

There are lots of transportation companies that will move your vehicle from one part of the country to another.  These are specialized companies that move large freight like cars rather than smaller packages like any other courier company.  Not all companies are created equal and they offer different levels of services along with various degrees of customer satisfaction.

Using a Broker

You may not always appreciate a transport broker and you may find some of the prices simply outrageous but auto brokers are a necessary evil in the world of vehicle transportation.  The fact is that a broker can save you money and make sure that your car gets to where you need it to go and that it arrives in the same condition it left it.

What a Broker Does

A vehicle broker serves as the middleman between you, the shipper of the car and the actual company that will actually transport the vehicle.  You may be wondering why you can’t deal directly with the shipper yourself and we will get into that.  The broker has a directory of the many companies that ship vehicles and are in a better position to find one that fits your shipping needs and budget.  You can shop around for a vehicle transportation company but you just don’t have the connections that a broker does.

Many of the vehicle transportation companies won’t even talk with you about transporting your vehicle they deal only with brokers.  Most don’t even advertise their services.  They have very specific shipping routes and services and your needs may not even match up to what they offer.  Furthermore carriers deal with a number of brokers so that when they do transport vehicles they have a full load.

Getting Better Rates

Believe it or not you are likely to get better rates from a broker than the carrier.  That may seem counterintuitive but it holds true.  Brokers get prices from carriers for multiple vehicles whereas the carrier would give you a price for just one vehicle.  They can get you a deal on the shipping rate, one thing you need to be cautious of is the insurance.  Check the insurance coverage the broker offers and if it isn’t enough then supplement it with your own.  Anything can happen when your vehicle is in transit so make sure it is protected.

You may not like the idea of using a broker but it is the cheaper and most effective way to get your vehicle to where it needs to be.

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